Elevate Your Brand and Encourage Thoughtful Shopping

Move beyond final sales and create a positive shopping experience with the REKEEPIT app, rewarding loyal customers and promoting responsible consumerism.

Final sales can sometimes cheapen a brand’s image and limit a customer’s options. Instead of resorting to final sales, consider integrating the REKEEPIT app into your business model. REKEEPIT encourages thoughtful shopping by offering customers a discount if they commit to not returning their purchases. This approach not only sends a positive message but also rewards loyal customers who are confident in their size choices. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how REKEEPIT can help elevate your brand and create a more engaging shopping experience.

The Downsides of Final Sales:

Final sales can have several negative consequences for brands:

  1. Perception of low quality: Customers may associate final sale items with lower quality or flawed products.
  2. Limited flexibility for customers: Final sales restrict customers from returning items, even if they have legitimate reasons.
  3. Loss of customer trust: Some customers may become hesitant to shop with a brand that frequently offers final sales, fearing a lack of support in case of issues with their purchases.

REKEEPIT: A Better Alternative to Final Sales: REKEEPIT offers a more customer-friendly and brand-enhancing approach by allowing customers to opt-in to a commitment program:

  1. Positive brand messaging: REKEEPIT promotes thoughtful shopping and environmental awareness, which can elevate your brand’s image and reputation.
  2. Customer choice and flexibility: Instead of forcing a no-return policy, REKEEPIT allows customers to choose whether they want to commit to not returning an item in exchange for a discount.
  3. Rewards for loyal customers: REKEEPIT benefits customers who know their size and are less likely to return items, fostering long-term relationships and loyalty.


REKEEPIT encourages customers to commit to keeping their purchases by offering a percentage discount on the committed item:

  1. Customer commitment system: Customers can opt to commit to not returning a product within a specified period.
  2. Discount incentives: Brands offer a discount on committed purchases, which can be determined based on factors like product type, price, and potential environmental impact.
  3. Return monitoring: REKEEPIT tracks customer returns and commitments, providing valuable data to brands.
  4. Environmental impact analysis: The app calculates the environmental benefits of reduced returns, such as lower carbon emissions and less waste generated.

Embrace the REKEEPIT app as a better alternative to final sales and create a positive, responsible shopping experience for your customers. By promoting thoughtful shopping and rewarding loyal customers, REKEEPIT can help elevate your brand’s image and foster long-lasting customer relationships. Choose REKEEPIT and join the movement towards a greener, more customer-centric shopping experience.