How to Reduce Return Problems for Your E-commerce Business

Discover two innovative solutions for reducing returns and improving customer satisfaction in your e-commerce store.

Return problems are a significant challenge for e-commerce businesses, affecting profitability, customer satisfaction, and environmental sustainability. To address this issue, it’s essential to find effective solutions to minimize returns and enhance the customer experience. In this article, we’ll explore two innovative solutions – REKEEPIT (a pre-purchase experience) and FitCertificate (a post-purchase experience) – designed to help reduce return problems for your e-commerce business.

REKEEPIT Solves Return


REKEEPIT: A Pre-Purchase Solution

REKEEPIT is an app designed to reduce returns by incentivizing customers to commit to keeping their purchases in exchange for a discount. This pre-purchase solution offers several benefits:

  • Reduced return rates: By encouraging customers to make more conscious buying decisions, REKEEPIT can help minimize the number of returns.
  • Cost savings: With fewer returns to process, you can save on shipping, handling, and restocking expenses.
  • Enhanced brand reputation: REKEEPIT promotes thoughtful shopping and environmental responsibility, which can elevate your brand’s image.

How REKEEPIT works:

  1. Customer commitment system: Customers can opt to commit to not returning a product within a specified period.
  2. Discount incentives: You can offer a discount on committed purchases, which can be determined based on factors like product type, price, and potential environmental impact.
  3. Return monitoring: REKEEPIT tracks customer returns and commitments, providing valuable data to help you improve your store’s strategies.
  4. Environmental impact analysis: The app calculates the environmental benefits of reduced returns, such as lower carbon emissions and less waste generated.
  5. FitCertificate: A Post-Purchase Solution

FitCertificate addresses return issues related to fit problems by providing customers with an alternative to returning their purchases. Instead, they receive a debit card with funds equivalent to a percentage of their order, which they can use to get their item tailored for a better fit.

Benefits of FitCertificate:

  • Reduced return rates: By offering customers an alternative to returning items with fit issues, FitCertificate can help reduce return rates.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: FitCertificate enables customers to get a better fit without the hassle of returning and reordering items, improving overall satisfaction.
  • Cost savings: By reducing returns, you can save on shipping, handling, and restocking expenses.

How FitCertificate works:

  1. Identify fit issues: When customers attempt to return an item due to fit problems, offer them the FitCertificate option.
  2. Provide a debit card: Issue a debit card with funds equivalent to a percentage of the customer’s order.
  3. Tailoring service: Customers can use the debit card to get their item tailored for a better fit, avoiding the need for a return.

Reducing return problems for your e-commerce business is crucial for improving profitability, customer satisfaction, and environmental sustainability. By implementing innovative solutions like REKEEPIT and FitCertificate, you can address return issues at both the pre-purchase and post-purchase stages. Embrace these tools to create a more seamless and responsible shopping experience for your customers, and watch your business thrive